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Preparing in the Waiting

There are two periods in my life in which I recall transitioning to a new season. One was a move from Virginia to Texas. I had to leave friends that I consider family and a job I dearly loved. Another was when my manager resigned, and I had to be creative with my time and be productive before the new manager arrived. Ending one season and transitioning to a new season.

What did I do in the waiting? I had to prepare for the next season.

Source: Personal

Moving to a new city meant becoming familiar with best places to live and businesses in which I may fit and be an asset as an employee. It was a lot of driving and research. I was actively preparing for what was next.

Between managers, I took advantage of the time by reviewing website materials, files, and online learning modules. I met with department managers and offered my assistance with projects. Basically, anything I could do to better understand the nature of the business, increase my value to the organization, and best assist my new manager.

Someone you know may be in a waiting period. Maybe you are in a waiting period. This is a unique time indeed. We can use this time to get to know people as they experience the waiting. We can plan for what may come next. We can explore opportunities to pursue what we may want to do. Other ideas are exploring new hobbies, starting or finishing projects, reading or listening to books, taking online classes and developing new skills, spending time with family, enjoying the outdoors, or taking time to plan and develop ideas.

The goal is doing something. Be actively engaged in an activity. Prepare for the next season.

Our Connections Challenge: Evaluate how you have been productive the last several weeks. Select an example given or choose one of your own to implement. Use this time to prepare for your next season!

Source: Personal

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