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When You Dream, Dream Big

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Dreams. Visions. High ambitions. These things can bring excitement and can also seem overwhelming at the same time.

I am listening to Bob Goff’s Dream Big. It has really challenged me. For some time, I feel like I’ve been in a funk. Can’t seem to get out of it. You know what I mean? Not sure if it is connected to the recent pandemic and all that goes with it. I guess many of us wonder what life holds.

Anyway, one of the things Goff discusses is ambition. So, I started thinking, “What are my ambitions?” I remembered starting a list some time ago. Unfortunately, I only had a couple of things: learn to play the piano and learn Spanish. Early in my life, I had several dreams—when I turned 35, I had achieved all but one. Achieve a professional designation—check. Work for the president of a company—check and check. Get a degree—on schedule for October. That’s it. And the two I recently put on the list? Well, I took piano for two weeks—decades ago. And I took two years of Spanish and retained very little (so I think).

Something unexpected and did not make the list was the blog. However, as I began writing, the purpose or intent of sustaining and investing in this endeavor of blogging has become an ambition. I have a vision to help others in connecting life to excellence. Connecting the simple things of life to the best of life. And then connecting it all to the eternal value of faith. Pursuing any ambition also connects to being intentional. I have to be intentional about pursuing what I hope to be an excellent product.

So what’s the purpose of the ambitions? Sure, it’s great to have goals, it gives purpose. But what’s the purpose of the ambitions on my list now? Maybe instead I ask, “What value does this ambition bring to others?” “How does this ambition impact others?” “What can I do to help others?” “How are these ambitions about making life better for me and for those around me?”

Our Connections Challenge: What ambitions to you have? Take some time to really think about some ambitions and how you can use them to impact others. And get a copy of Dream Big to revive those dreams and move ahead. I’m on my way.

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