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Look for the Masterpiece

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Have you ever noticed the variety of colors combined to form a thing of beauty? A rainbow, a stained glass window, a bouquet, a garden of spring flowers, the mountains in the fall, a sunrise, a sunset, a mixed fruit salad, even a roll of life savers.

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My mother had a collection of stained glass. They were most beautiful when the sunlight burst through the glass reflecting the brilliant colors. Recently, I gazed at a beautiful stained glass window. I was mesmerized as the colors danced in the sunlight reflecting the beauty. While each individual color in the stained glass is beautiful in the dark, when the light shines forth, the brilliance of all the colors is accentuated.

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A dear friend recently mentioned to me that she grew up in one of the most beautiful mountain areas of North Carolina. She went away for college for a season, and it was not until she returned that she truly saw the beauty around her. She took the time to look and enjoy.

Our Connections Challenge: We are given the gift of masterpieces all around us every single day. It is to our advantage to take the time to see the divine paintings of our world. Though it may seem there is darkness, as we look at these gifts, may see we the light bursting through and showing the brilliance. Take the time today to look around, truly see, and enjoy the beauty around you.

Image: Personal

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