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Colors of the Cross

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Celebrate Easter with me as we imagine what may have been going through the disciples’ minds.

Everything seems to be going smoothly. We followed Jesus for three years. We walked with Jesus as He entered Jerusalem on a donkey, and He was praised and honored with palm branches. All was glorious. But then … within twelve short hours … everything changed.

He talked about His death. Even one of our very own betrayed Him. He was led to the cross to die. He was ridiculed and beaten so badly that He was not recognized as human. It was one of the brightest of days that turned to the one of the darkest of nights. From the colors of royal majesty to the blackness of despair. We were scared and ran. We hid. We locked ourselves in the room where we had our last supper with Jesus, not knowing what was ahead.

Then … from the darkest of nights came … the sunrise. He was alive! It was all true, every word that He spoke was true! His splendor … His glory … His majesty. It was not the colors expected of earthly royalty but the color of righteousness and purity. The brightness of God Himself. For years to come, we would look at colors differently.

Image: ChurchArt

We celebrate three different colors during the Easter season, each one showing a different part of the Easter story.

  • Purple shows royalty—not the royalty of our expectations—but the true royalty of the King of Kings.
  • Black shows the darkness of our sins and the depth of grief He went through to pay the price for our sins.
  • White is the true righteousness from the glory of the risen King. He took our sins and washed them as white as snow. Because of the victory of the resurrection, we now have hope.

Our Faith Connections Challenge: As you observe the colors of Easter displayed, reflect on their meaning. On Sunday morning, when you see the glorious white draped on the cross, rejoice! Passion’s song, “It is Finished,” is a beautiful testimony of the blessing of the hope we have as a result of the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ the Lord.

Lord Jesus, thank You for dying for my sin and for making me clean. Because of Your resurrection, I now have hope of eternal life with You! Amen.

Image: ChurchArt

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