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Creative Connections

Lockdown. Hiding. Alone. Afraid. Isolated. Fear.

Quiet. Rest. Alone. Solitude. Peace. Focus.

These words may describe you. Some certainly describe me. We most likely experience each one at some point in our lives. During our current time of isolation, many welcome the less stressful environments, and many are afraid of being alone for an extended period.

There is a multitude of opportunities to serve one another and our communities. There are many who are unable to leave their homes due to health concerns. Restaurants are providing free meals to healthcare workers. Schools and churches are delivering meals to the elderly or ill. Businesses are finding creative ways to improve efficiencies. Teachers are taking advantage of social media platforms and video conferencing to connect with students and families. Families are connecting by being together.

We are discovering the blessing of giving ourselves and sharing our lives with one another. Through social media, for example, we recognize that we are in this together. We are not alone. As we serve one another, we sacrifice a part of ourselves for good.

There are individuals who struggle with making connections. They feel alone. They feel isolated. They feel like no one cares. This is also true in our school or work environments. They stay sheltered in a cubicle or in the back row of a classroom. Maybe we should take the initiative and reach out. Maybe we can be the difference, and turn someone from isolation to connection, virtual and, hopefully, face to face again soon.

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Our Connections Challenge: Can you identify someone in your family, community, or circle of influence who may need to make a connection? As we run errands, pick up a thoughtful card, coffee, or baked goods, and deliver to them to enjoy. Give them a call or send a text just to let them know you are thinking of them. You may be the very blessing they need at that moment.

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