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Obstacles and Opportunities

Things constantly change. Workplaces change leadership. Businesses change policies. People change jobs. Responsibilities shift. Families increase or decrease in size. A doctor’s report changes your lifestyle.

Does this sound familiar? Maybe you are in a situation filled with unknowns. It is certainly easy to become distracted in the midst of these times. It seems overwhelming.

We face such challenges almost daily. And we have choices to make. Is this an obstacle that is distracting or frustrating? Is this an opportunity to exercise talents and shine or try something different? What doors of opportunity will open?


What if we approach situations as opportunities?

A change in leadership? What can you do now to make the transition smooth and seamless for new management? Start planning now. Be proactive and take initiative. For example, meet with other team members to find out more about their team’s specialization. Compile the information in an easy reference tool.

Responsibilities changing? Listen. Watch. Pay attention. Ask questions. Take notes. Prepare. Do the due diligence. Learn as much as you can so you are ready when the time comes.

Many times I viewed challenges as obstacles instead of opportunities to grow and learn. Someone once told me, “The more you learn, the more you grow.” As we connect this principle to the business world, continuous learning and growth makes one a valuable asset to the organization.

Our Connections Challenge: Is there an obstacle before you? How can you turn it to an opportunity?


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