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The Impact of Influence

So many people influence my life. Immediately, I think of my mother. The memory of her life and encouragement continues to influence me. She mentored and encouraged me as an administrative professional to pursue excellence and always put forth my best effort. Even when I am discouraged, I cannot stay there because I quickly recall her words pushing me to press onward.

Walking alongside my husband in ministry, I am influenced by outstanding Bible teachers and worship leaders. One who immediately comes to mind is Stormie Omartian because her books helped me through a difficult period in my life after losing a child through miscarriage. Her commitment to focused prayer continues to help me pray for loved ones. Solid Bible teachers such as Priscilla Shirer and Kay Arthur influence me due to their dedicated commitment to learning and teaching the Bible.

Serving in ministry opens doors of opportunities to influence others through mentoring, leading, and teaching. Encouraging people to grow in their faith is challenging. Yet, the delight of watching one mature in faith is indescribable.

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What is the connection of influencing others and faith? In Acts 1:8, Jesus told the disciples they would be witnesses and tell the world about Him. Today, we see the results of the disciples’ obedience due to the spread of Christianity throughout the world. The influence continues.

Our Faith Connections Challenge: Personal examples include pursuing excellence, seeking God through prayer and studying Scripture, and sharing the love of God. Is there an area in which you desire to grow in faith? I encourage you to pair your Bible study with a copy of one of the author’s books.

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