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Freedom in Obedience

Obedience. All of us are under authority. Street signs. Teachers. Parents. Law enforcement. Government. Employers. And it affects everyone--children and adults. Even our pets can attend obedience school. From an early age, we are told what to do and what not to do. All to instill obedience. Obedience is not natural or automatic. It is… Continue reading Freedom in Obedience

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Faith Connection: Our Banner

When we think of banners, we may think of flags waving at football games or what beauty contestants wear at pageants. A movie may portray a scene with two armies in a valley or on the crest of hills and facing each other. Each army has a separate flag, or banner, with specific colors, emblems,… Continue reading Faith Connection: Our Banner

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Bravely Bold Focus (Part 3: “L”)

Welcome back to the Bravely Bold mini-series!  As mentioned in the series blog, the acrostic B-O-L-D helps associate Scripture and boldness.  We connect to a life of excellence when we demonstrate boldness.  We live with determination.  We exercise integrity and trust--the qualities that build and exhibit our character. B – Be-Attitudes (purposefully misspelled).  The Beatitudes… Continue reading Bravely Bold Focus (Part 3: “L”)

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Celebrate Freedom

Celebrations are joyous times, and the reasons we celebrate are many.  We celebrate a new marriage, a new birth, a new job, or a new year.  Festivals and holidays have been celebrated for centuries by each nation and culture.  Though the celebrations may focus primarily from victories from wars and oppression, the people celebrate corporately. They… Continue reading Celebrate Freedom

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Moments of Remembrance

As we ponder the meaning of this Memorial Day, we remember the sacrifices that people have made for our freedoms.  This day is one in which we honor those who have served our country.  Many of us have loved ones, family, and friends who have willingly given their lives because of their selfless service. This… Continue reading Moments of Remembrance