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Lessons from the Easter Bunny

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! I hope you are enjoying the season. One of the symbols of Easter is the infamous Easter bunny. It is a figure many have come to love during this season. The visit of the mythical bunny is a symbol of fertility, new birth, and the celebration of spring. Children prepare for the… Continue reading Lessons from the Easter Bunny

Excellence, Family, Freedom, Friendship, Influence, Purpose

A Celebration of Light

It is finally that time--we are approaching the holiday season. The delight. The joy. The festivities. One of my most memorable highlights is visiting historic Williamsburg when they celebrate the season with the Grand Illumination. They have all the trimmings to get in the spirit of the season. The smells, the clothes, the music, the… Continue reading A Celebration of Light

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Celebrate Freedom

Celebrations are joyous times, and the reasons we celebrate are many.  We celebrate a new marriage, a new birth, a new job, or a new year.  Festivals and holidays have been celebrated for centuries by each nation and culture.  Though the celebrations may focus primarily from victories from wars and oppression, the people celebrate corporately. They… Continue reading Celebrate Freedom