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A Celebration of Light


It is finally that time–we are approaching the holiday season. The delight. The joy. The festivities. One of my most memorable highlights is visiting historic Williamsburg when they celebrate the season with the Grand Illumination. They have all the trimmings to get in the spirit of the season. The smells, the clothes, the music, the fireworks, and the lanterns. Historic Williamsburg is a delightful step back in time. Many cities, most likely yours, also celebrate its own lighting of the tree and the downtown streets.

Light illumines darkness, gives warmth, and provides direction. Light shines from the sun, fire, lighthouses, candles, lanterns, and lamps–even those magical lightning bugs! Light emits through rays, flashes, glows, beams, and bursts. Light radiates refreshment, energy, warmth, vision, joy, and life.

The challenge relating to excellence is how we radiate light. Are we a light to others? We can give warmth and provide direction to others through teaching and sharing. We can celebrate light by exuding joy and warmth and life.

Our Connections Challenge for the week: Consider a new tradition this season. How can you integrate the celebration of light? What symbols portray light best for you? As you think of the joy and beauty light brings to your life, identify ways you can bring joy and beauty to others. Be the light!

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