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Making Lasting Memories

The Energizer Bunny is “still going.” Buzz Lightyear goes “to infinity and beyond.” De Beers tells us “A Diamond is Forever.” Timex “takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” Even some household items are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Especially during this time of year, particular attention is given to the evergreen tree in which… Continue reading Making Lasting Memories

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Our Wonderful Counselor

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! As we connect this holiday season to our faith, we will take a look at four names of God in Isaiah 9:6. The first name is Wonderful Counselor. Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He said it was necessary that He leave so the Helper (the Holy Spirit) could come. One… Continue reading Our Wonderful Counselor

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Invaluable Counselors

Image: mutualart.comGood ol' Charlie Brown. He sought counsel about life from the coldhearted Lucy and the compassionate Snoopy on many occasions. Just like Charlie Brown, we all need people in our lives. People encouraging us and giving us advice. People pushing us so we can be excellent in our pursuits. People walking alongside us and… Continue reading Invaluable Counselors

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Thanksgiving Blessings

The best Thanksgiving memories I have are with family and friends. The abundance of food, laughter, football, and more food. Many take this time of year to remember their blessings of the year. We easily forget the importance of the little things. A scenic drive with a loved one. Time with a friend who needs… Continue reading Thanksgiving Blessings

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Simple Gratitude

A simple thank you card. A handwritten note saying, “You’re the Best.” An anonymous gift on someone’s desk. A hot beverage just because. A brief conversation to catch up. Gratitude. We have so much for which we can express thankfulness. Many organizations are focusing on expressing appreciation to their employees with thoughtful acts of kindness.… Continue reading Simple Gratitude

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Treasured Heirlooms

Sometimes I can get lost in the past by thinking of personal and professional experiences, continued education, cultivated skills, accomplishments, and successes. If I’m not careful, they can easily become inappropriate precious treasures. However, they only bring temporary happiness. The thrill lasts for a short while until it’s time to move on to the next… Continue reading Treasured Heirlooms

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What Do You Treasure?

We are entering the holiday season. It is not only getting cooler, we see evidences by retailers displaying their treasures. A multitude of local craft fairs, major department stores promote sales, the annual Thanksgiving Day parade, and long-awaited seasonal hot beverages. Customers are enticed to buy coveted treasures. Yet, these treasures become precious to those… Continue reading What Do You Treasure?

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The Perfect Dance

Thank you for anxiously awaiting the posting of this blog! I am sure you were counting the hours to find out the outcome of the wedding of the century! The ceremony beyond gorgeous. The ministers (one of which was Dad) eloquent. The bride stunning and beautiful, and the groom dashing and handsome. There was laughter,… Continue reading The Perfect Dance

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Importance of Community

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! Thank you for connecting with us! This week our focus is on community. Our small town is very focused on community. Everybody seems to know everybody. Yet, no matter where one lives, there are places one can go to connect. Natural places to connect are the home, church, and the job. Other… Continue reading Importance of Community

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Blessings of Goodness

The book of Genesis records the dramatic life of Joseph. It is one of betrayal, forgiveness, redemption, and goodness. When Joseph’s brothers sold him, they thought they would never see him again. Joseph, however, became a leader in Egypt. Several years passed, and Joseph’s brothers traveled to Egypt for food. They unknowingly met with Joseph,… Continue reading Blessings of Goodness