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Making Lasting Memories

The Energizer Bunny is “still going.” Buzz Lightyear goes “to infinity and beyond.” De Beers tells us “A Diamond is Forever.” Timex “takes a licking and keeps on ticking.” Even some household items are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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Especially during this time of year, particular attention is given to the evergreen tree in which some varieties are used as the traditional Christmas tree. Interestingly, an evergreen tree can live for thousands of years and grow hundreds of feet tall. The evergreen also flourishes in poor soil conditions and climates.

Our Connections Challenge: How can we connect these concepts of infinity to a pursuit of excellence? This season, we have opportunities to make memories that can literally last a lifetime. Sometimes, these opportunities come from difficult conditions that can result in flourishing strength. We can memorialize new memories through conversations, photos, letters, and journal entries. Plan to make everlasting memories this season.

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