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For Such A Time As This

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! May you receive encouragement today for such a time as this ... Isn’t it amazing to see how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things for Him? The slave girl who told her master, Naaman, to see the prophet, Elisha, to be healed. Rahab the harlot hid the spies,… Continue reading For Such A Time As This

Boldness, Character, Discipline, Excellence, Faith, Gratitude, Influence, Purpose

What Are We Going to Do Today, Lord?

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Do you look forward to each day with anticipation? What if we began each day with, “What are we going to do today, Lord?” What if we trained our mind to look for Him? His work. His beauty. His reflection. His blessing. His protection. His provision. His presence. A friend… Continue reading What Are We Going to Do Today, Lord?

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Living for Each Today

Writing (for me) in any form is therapy. I love journaling because I don’t have to care about correct grammar, punctuation, or making any sense whatsoever. It’s simply personal random thoughts, however they come into my silly little brain. Journaling has been an enjoyable, therapeutic habit for decades (though entries over the past few years… Continue reading Living for Each Today

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My God is So Big …

"My God is so big, So strong and so mighty, There's nothing my God cannot do ... The mountains are His, The rivers are His, The stars are His handiwork too. My God is so big, So strong and so mighty, There’s nothing my God cannot do.” (Listen to the VeggieTales version here.) The story… Continue reading My God is So Big …

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Two Are Better Than One

As a child, every Saturday morning was full of watching cartoons. One of my favorites was Popeye. After gaining strength by eating a can of spinach, he could lift heavy weights without effort and solve any problem that came his way. When we explore job opportunities, one topic may be identifying our strengths. Some businesses… Continue reading Two Are Better Than One

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Our Wonderful Counselor

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! As we connect this holiday season to our faith, we will take a look at four names of God in Isaiah 9:6. The first name is Wonderful Counselor. Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He said it was necessary that He leave so the Helper (the Holy Spirit) could come. One… Continue reading Our Wonderful Counselor

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Simple Gratitude

A simple thank you card. A handwritten note saying, “You’re the Best.” An anonymous gift on someone’s desk. A hot beverage just because. A brief conversation to catch up. Gratitude. We have so much for which we can express thankfulness. Many organizations are focusing on expressing appreciation to their employees with thoughtful acts of kindness.… Continue reading Simple Gratitude

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Blessings in Boldness

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Thank you so much for joining. Today's blog is more personal and out of my comfort zone; I hope you enjoy and are blessed. Recently, I did something I don’t normally do. Something out of my comfort zone. And sometimes we just have to take a step of faith. Background:… Continue reading Blessings in Boldness

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Boldness Outside the Comfort Zone

There are times man enters a place that produces fear or feelings of insecurity and anxiety. These reactions may be due to a lack of knowledge, a lack of confidence, or the unknown. We have stepped outside of the place we call ... The Comfort Zone. We have all been there or will be at… Continue reading Boldness Outside the Comfort Zone

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Confessions of an Amateur Painter

I am definitely not a painter. My idea of painting something somewhat similar to the desired image is using a beginner’s paint-by-number kit. However, during a team-building activity, our department decided to paint our own masterpiece—freehand. Great. Surprisingly, after this activity, I was quite pleased with the result. Why? Our artist instructor was sensitive to… Continue reading Confessions of an Amateur Painter