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Entering His Gates

Happy anniversary to Connections2Excellence! Thank you for joining as we celebrate two years. I am so grateful for your support and encouragement!

This year I chose the theme of gates; and, for the next few weeks, I plan to highlight a feature of gates and connect them to faith on Faith Connection Fridays.



Gates are points of entry to cities, communities, or centers of worship. The Scripture passage chosen focuses on the temple gate worshippers used to enter the temple grounds and worship God. Presently, we can enter His gates at any time; yet in biblical times, going to the temple was critical for the worshipper.

As we read Psalm 100, we are encouraged to look forward to worshipping God and to approach His gates eagerly with joy and thanksgiving. Why? Our purpose is to know Him because He is God. As a result, we gladly serve Him with joy, thank Him for what He has done for us, and praise Him for who He is. We express our gratefulness because He is our Creator and our Savior. He is always good, merciful, loving, and faithful.

Our Faith Connections Challenge: As you prepare for worship this week, reflect on the passage. Praise Him for who He is. Thank Him for all He has done. Be blessed this week as you worship Him!

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