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It’s More Than Just a Gate

It was amazing to me to learn of the diversity in types of gates around the world! We have garden gates, chain link gates, child gates, toll gates, water gates, park gates, security gates, and the Stargate. Today, I want to share about two that really caught my attention.

One gate is the portcullis, which was mostly used in medieval times, and some of the gates that are hundreds of years old are still working. The portcullis gate is for fortifying the city or castle grounds. It is of lattice design, and some have an additional solid gate behind the lattice piece for extra protection. The portcullis served as defense and offense in the event of a siege. The defense was keeping intruders out, even capturing them between two portcullis gates. The offense was allowing arrows and weapons to go between the lattice to injure or kill the intruder.

Image: buildingmycastle.com

The other gate that quickly came to my mind was from childhood. Immediately, I thought of the gate from the movie, “King Kong,” the gate on Skull Island. It is quite artistic in its macabre design and almost revered to the island dwellers as it represents the awesome presence and interaction with their protector – Kong. Its power of protection is very ritualistic.

Image: orlandoparkstop.com

These gates are multifunctional and connect to people. We can learn something even from the variety of gates, their design, and purpose. The connection to excellence is not seeing an item or someone just to serve a singular function but realizing there is often more. A gate may serve primarily as protection and may also serve as a source of security, admiration for its artistic nature, and giftedness of the creative designer. In our world around us, a manager may serve as a leader, mentor, or advisor. A spouse or significant other may also serve as a friend, counselor, or helper. An employee may primarily serve in one role and is gifted or can be developed to serve in other areas. The key is not limiting something or someone just for its intended role—they can be so much more.

Our Connections Challenge: What items can you use creatively for other purposes? Some sites may include YouTube or DIY videos. What are some gifts and hobbies of others in your sphere of influence? What are some of your gifts and hobbies that can be utilized?

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