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Top Ten

My husband and son occasionally play a game called “Top Ten.” Top Ten books, songs, movies, NFL players, restaurants, best places to hike, best road trips. And let’s not forget the Top Ten songs by Jeremy Camp (my son’s absolute favorite hero). Even though I don’t have the creativity to make such a game exciting, I’m taking a step out of my comfort zone and giving it a shot.

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This past weekend, my husband and I celebrated our anniversary of 33 years! So, I decided to do a Top Ten to honor my hubby and a few tidbits of events over the years.

1. Loves Jesus – An absolute must!!

2. Loves me – Yes, I am spoiled and rotten.

3. Great father – Always there as a mentor and friend to our son (and our new daughter).

4. Ministry – Serving together in ministry all our married life and beyond.

5. Patient.

6. Cares for others.

7. Sense of humor.

8. Loves nature and hiking – It’s his outlet to retreat and relax.

9. Creative – How he comes up with some ideas, I’ll never know.

10. Encourager – He got me started two years ago with writing. Here is my very first ever blog post, and yes, it’s about him.

Image: Personal

Our Connections Challenge: What is your Top Ten? Make it a fun game with your family! Take the time to enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Top Ten”

  1. This is a great blog post, Lisa! It’s a wonderful tribute to Todd. You are such a good writer – you have a gift for putting the words together. We still miss you both. Love you both.

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