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An Impactful Blessing

For my birthday, my son and his new bride gave me some beautiful and thoughtful gifts. One that is especially precious is the birthday card. In addition to the card’s words, they each wrote a personal message. The words were personal, impactful, and perfect. And, yes, I cried.

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Why do I share this? It’s not just because of my son’s words and his new bride’s words of affection and admiration. There were numerous times I blew it, and there are numerous times I will blow it (as a mother and every other role). These precious words mean so much, as they allow me to see that even through my frailties, they see something different. Recently, I saw a commercial reflecting how one person impacted and encouraged many. As a result, lives changed.

Our Connections Challenge: Each of us has an opportunity every day to impact someone. It could be a smile, a favorite beverage, a message on a sticky note, or a greeting card with a personal handwritten note. It’s easy and only takes a minute. Being intentional makes an impact and is a true blessing to others. What will you do today?

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