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Wonders of God

Welcome to Faith Connection Friday where we connect aspects of our life to faith. One of the attributes describing Jesus is Wonderful (Isaiah 9:6). Have you ever thought what it is about Him that makes Him so full of wonder? What could be considered as wonder-full? Many hymns speak of the wonder of our God.… Continue reading Wonders of God

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Do You See What I See?

Thank you for joining me for Faith Connections Friday where we connect our walk of life to faith. Our new home is in the country. Some mornings we look outside, and there is a fog so thick we can barely see across the way. As we drive a short distance through the fog, the fog… Continue reading Do You See What I See?

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Making Christmas Memories

What are some of your favorite Christmas memories? My mother made sure we kept tradition on Christmas Eve. We drove through the neighborhoods and enjoyed Christmas lights. When we returned home, we ate a light dinner, wrote letters and set out milk and cookies for Santa, and quickly went to bed. We nestled in our… Continue reading Making Christmas Memories

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How Could I Ask for More?

This week we celebrate my favorite holiday of the season--Thanksgiving. Why? It is a time to stop and enjoy food, family, more food, friends, and even more food. Thanksgiving also signifies the one day a year I actually enjoy going to the mall--Black Friday! Silly me, I love going to a busy mall, scouring the… Continue reading How Could I Ask for More?

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Name Above All Names

Christians revere the name of God's Son because of what it represents. God the Father chose the name of Jesus for His Son, which means "God with us." He is personal. He is ever present. There is a plethora of songs about the name of Jesus that beautifully describe Him. Some contemporary songs that come… Continue reading Name Above All Names

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Our Kind Keeper

It is a humbling experience when people do nice things for us. In many ways, I confess, I am spoiled rotten to the core. This week I noticed several ways in which others expressed kindness to me. One was a surprise gift of the most divine drink from a well-known chain, affectionately named the "Medicine… Continue reading Our Kind Keeper

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My Father’s Eyes

Recently, as I reminisced about my youth, I recalled when I was introduced to the music of Amy Grant. My beloved mentors, Dara and Susan, shared her music with me; and I played it nonstop.  One song that captured my attention was “Father’s Eyes.”  And how fitting this month to reflect on that song.  Both… Continue reading My Father’s Eyes

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The Puzzle Pieces of Life

Do you enjoy jigsaw puzzles?  There is something about putting puzzles together.  It allows you to think sometimes for long periods of time.  And if done with another person, it gives you an opportunity to spend time together.  I love puzzles.  Not just the little, easy ones—I want a challenge.  Give me the big ones… Continue reading The Puzzle Pieces of Life