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Wonders of God

Welcome to Faith Connection Friday where we connect aspects of our life to faith.

One of the attributes describing Jesus is Wonderful (Isaiah 9:6). Have you ever thought what it is about Him that makes Him so full of wonder? What could be considered as wonder-full?

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Many hymns speak of the wonder of our God. A current song by Christy Nockels is “Wonderful Name” and is filled with the wonder of who He is. As we meditate on Jesus as wonderful, we are amazed at His comfort, grace, love, and hope. All throughout Scripture, we can be awed at His wonder. Creation. Miracles. When He says He can give rest to the weary, He can heal our wounds, He can provide freedom and hope, we are amazed by the unusual power in His name.

As we meditate on these attributes, we are filled with wonder. It may be difficult for us to fathom how this can be. To think that He is available to us at any time and is willing to provide for us–we are in awe.

He is truly wonderful. When we come to Him, we will never be the same.

Our Faith Connections Challenge: Read and dwell on the words to the song mentioned. In what other ways can you identify Jesus as wonderful?

Lord, we are in awe of You. Your name is Wonderful. Thank You for your comfort, grace, love, and hope that only You can provide. In Your name I pray. Amen.

1 thought on “Wonders of God”

  1. I like how this post points out well how “wonderful” is more about being “full of wonder” and causing someone to wonder. This is very different from the meaning “really good” the way “wonderful” is often used in everyday conversation. Great post!


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