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An Example of Inspiration

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Welcome back to Connections2Excellence where we connect life to a pursuit of excellence!

There are many things that may inspire you: books, arts, movies, places, or people. Several may give you encouragement. And some may influence you more than others. What are some of these things for you personally?

Why do these things inspire you? For example, a movie may present a person who has lost their motivation to do something. Someone comes into their life and gives them purpose to revive their craft. How does the individual help the person who has lost their motivation? What characteristics does the person have that are admirable?

These qualities may inspire you and become an example that could be followed. They could be used to motivate others to fulfill their purpose.

Our Connections Challenge for the week: Is there someone in your life that has inspired you to move forward with a project or personal goal? Send them a note letting them know how they have influenced your life. Be an inspiration!

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