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Making Christmas Memories

What are some of your favorite Christmas memories?

My mother made sure we kept tradition on Christmas Eve. We drove through the neighborhoods and enjoyed Christmas lights. When we returned home, we ate a light dinner, wrote letters and set out milk and cookies for Santa, and quickly went to bed. We nestled in our beds, heard the Christmas story, and sang our favorite carols. I distinctly recall once hearing a noise on the roof–surely it was Santa! I quickly covered my head and tried to go to sleep (Santa only comes if you are asleep). Sweet childhood memories.

Today our family celebrates with the tradition of a Christmas Eve service with family and friends. We then return home to open one gift. Your family may experience new traditions as you welcome a family member or share the loss of another.

What new traditions and memories will you make this year? It may be choosing your tree from a tree farm, watching classic holiday movies while drinking hot cocoa, or attending a delightful performance of “The Nutcracker.”

It is my hope that you have a blessed and joyful Christmas. Merry Christmas! Enjoy this delightful version of “White Christmas.”

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