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The Reason We Celebrate

The variety in this beautiful world is amazing to me. The differences in people, animals, plants, and snowflakes. Each is unique, individual. No two are the same. Though they may appear the same, they are different in some way. Faces, shapes, colors, personalities. All beautiful.

It is a characteristic that we can embrace and enjoy. We are attracted and curious. It is what makes us wonderful. The tasks we perform may be the same, yet we approach them differently.

Unique. Different. Special. Individual. Precious. Treasured. Beautiful. These words are not the norm. The unnatural makes us take notice. We are in a season of the year that proclaims uniqueness. Something happened years ago that was not natural. It was an event unlike any other. Something so special, we find it difficult to grasp.

Though we are unique in many ways, there is Someone who knows everything about us. The number of hairs on our head. Thoughts before they enter our mind. Words before they are spoken.

This Someone was God Himself. He was born of a virgin. He entered this world as a baby, grew, and became a man. He lived a simple life as a carpenter. He chose twelve men to observe and listen carefully to His teachings for three years so they could proclaim His life to the world. Then He died a horrible death–and then He rose from the dead. His tomb is now empty because He lives. And because He lives, so can we–forever. His name is Jesus. Our unique and blessed Savior!

Unique. Different. Special. Individual. Precious. Treasured. Beautiful.

Our Faith Connection Challenge for this week: Celebrate the birth of our Lord. Attend a special service at a local church where you may hear more about our unique and most blessed Savior. Embrace His uniqueness. We are so very blessed.

Lord, I celebrate Your birth this Christmas. May I reflect on Your uniqueness and reflect on the treasure of Your birth and life so I can also live. In Your most wonderful name I pray. Amen.

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