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New Beginnings

Welcome to a new year of Faith Connection Friday! Thank you so much for joining me this new Friday!

We close the season of celebrating with family and friends and look forward to this new year. Many reflect and share events of last year. We count our many blessings and enjoy the memories.

Personally, the end of the year was full of experiencing emotional goodbyes. This new year presents an exciting adventure in a beautiful part of the country. New home, new friendships, and new opportunities to serve.

New chapters of life present joys and challenges. They are new to us because we have not yet experienced them. We have questions as to what may be ahead, or we may even fear. We may experience celebration or heartache, encouragement or discouragement, beginning or ending.

As we embrace this new year and the events we will face, we receive great comfort from Scripture. We can rest in faith that God is sovereign and has a plan. The Lord is doing something new and wants us to take notice and be involved (Isaiah 43:19). In Christ, our past is gone, and today is a new beginning. We can rejoice because each day is a new beginning. We can forget what is behind and look forward to what is ahead (Philippians 3:13).

Our Faith Connections Challenge for this week: Identify new events that may be anticipated this year. What are some ways you can prepare for and embrace them?

Lord, thank You that I can start fresh today. Thank You for being in control of each aspect of my life. May I recognize where You are working and desire to be involved. In Your name, I pray. Amen.

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