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Valued Character

Jason has been with the organization less than three years and continually proves to be an asset. A highly-sensitive project is assigned to Harold, and Jason is the first person he considers to help gather the information. Harold knows Jason will complete the work timely and with accuracy. Trustworthy. Integrity. Loyalty. Respect. These characteristics are… Continue reading Valued Character

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Impactful Perspective

Stephanie was determined to rise to the top. From an early age, she made it her ambition to be the best. She studied and worked hard, and she expected her staff to do the same. She lacked compassion when a staff member had personal challenges and felt no remorse when she let them go because… Continue reading Impactful Perspective

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Speaking the Language

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! Have you ever been assigned a task only to find the results were not what you expected? Over the course of two weeks, I had an assignment to contact peers for their input. The prompt responses were overwhelming and deeply humbling. The gifts of their words and the time they willingly sacrificed… Continue reading Speaking the Language

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An Impactful Blessing

For my birthday, my son and his new bride gave me some beautiful and thoughtful gifts. One that is especially precious is the birthday card. In addition to the card’s words, they each wrote a personal message. The words were personal, impactful, and perfect. And, yes, I cried. Why do I share this? It’s not… Continue reading An Impactful Blessing

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For Such A Time As This

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! May you receive encouragement today for such a time as this ... Isn’t it amazing to see how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things for Him? The slave girl who told her master, Naaman, to see the prophet, Elisha, to be healed. Rahab the harlot hid the spies,… Continue reading For Such A Time As This

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Focused Faith

Before the invention of typewriters, computers, and copiers, people transcribed writings by hand. In biblical times, scribes were the individuals who carefully copied the Scriptures so people could have a copy. The scribes were so diligent that they counted the symbols of their language to ensure what they copied matched the original. They were not… Continue reading Focused Faith

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What Are We Going to Do Today, Lord?

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Do you look forward to each day with anticipation? What if we began each day with, “What are we going to do today, Lord?” What if we trained our mind to look for Him? His work. His beauty. His reflection. His blessing. His protection. His provision. His presence. A friend… Continue reading What Are We Going to Do Today, Lord?

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Connections of 2019

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! As we close 2019, I reviewed the year’s posts and discovered the ones most read by you. I was so encouraged by the stats. The most-read posts were personal, and the connections focused on family and God. The entries highlighted gratitude, blessings, boldness, character, and just seeing God in everyday life. Thank… Continue reading Connections of 2019

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Two Are Better Than One

As a child, every Saturday morning was full of watching cartoons. One of my favorites was Popeye. After gaining strength by eating a can of spinach, he could lift heavy weights without effort and solve any problem that came his way. When we explore job opportunities, one topic may be identifying our strengths. Some businesses… Continue reading Two Are Better Than One

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Invaluable Counselors

Image: mutualart.comGood ol' Charlie Brown. He sought counsel about life from the coldhearted Lucy and the compassionate Snoopy on many occasions. Just like Charlie Brown, we all need people in our lives. People encouraging us and giving us advice. People pushing us so we can be excellent in our pursuits. People walking alongside us and… Continue reading Invaluable Counselors