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Connect by Blessing

One thing I have observed from the last few months is the way we respond. I notice people bond, and I notice people separate. As we isolate, we can feel lost. As we come together, we gain strength.

It is a confusing time for many, an experience unlike any other. So many are tired, scared, confused, and fearful. Extroverts struggle because of the lack of connection, and introverts enjoy quiet opportunities. Whatever our tendency, we understand we need some level of connection to one another.


I know many are unable to get out of their homes and feel trapped and disconnected from others. Phone calls help, yet there is something about a personal visit, even if just sitting on a porch or talking through a screen door. When my husband and I make personal visits to those who cannot get out of their homes, it is such a blessing to see faces light up begging us to stay just a little longer.

Our Connections Challenge: What are your observations from the last few months? Identify how you can be a blessing to someone who may not be able to get out of their homes. Send or deliver a card or call a loved one who may be unable to travel. Stop by just to smile, say hello, and talk for a while. Maybe deliver a bag of groceries or a gift basket of necessary and fun items. Be a blessing to someone today—you will be a blessing to them.

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