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What Are We Going to Do Today, Lord?

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Do you look forward to each day with anticipation? What if we began each day with, “What are we going to do today, Lord?” What if we trained our mind to look for Him? His work. His beauty. His reflection. His blessing. His protection. His provision. His presence. A friend… Continue reading What Are We Going to Do Today, Lord?

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Safety in the Father’s Care

A young boy and his father are in the middle of a storm, and the young boy is afraid. The father extends his hand to his son, and the son takes his father’s hand. Why? Because he knows he is safe in his father’s care. We may experience frightening circumstances. Yet, when we commit ourselves… Continue reading Safety in the Father’s Care

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Our Everlasting Father

Image: Who is one of your favorite sitcom fathers? What is it about him that makes him a favorite? Is it his compassion? His listening ability when one of his children has an overwhelming challenge? Is it the loving way he speaks when there is a conflict within the family? One of God’s names… Continue reading Our Everlasting Father

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Our Wonderful Counselor

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! As we connect this holiday season to our faith, we will take a look at four names of God in Isaiah 9:6. The first name is Wonderful Counselor. Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He said it was necessary that He leave so the Helper (the Holy Spirit) could come. One… Continue reading Our Wonderful Counselor

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Think On These Things

What comes to mind when you see children laughing at kittens playing or a couple who has been married for decades dance to their song? How do you focus your mind if you are fearful or anxious or receive unexpected news from the doctor? Upon what do you meditate when you need to relax or… Continue reading Think On These Things

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An Example to Follow

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Thank you so much for joining us! Many organizations utilize programs focusing on mentoring or coaching. Seasoned professionals spend months or years guiding and developing their protégés to be great leaders. Together, they share life experiences, dreams, and goals. Together, they progress the path while reaching markers and providing encouragement… Continue reading An Example to Follow

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Partnership of Blessing

A team of individuals eager to serve for a common purpose. Each member is focused and ready. Each cares for and encourages the other. Each commits and desires to meet needs. This was the lifestyle of the church at Philippi. Specifically, the church met Paul’s needs as he traveled and when he was imprisoned. They… Continue reading Partnership of Blessing

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Preparing for the End

Planning. Budgets. Meals. Activities. People. Practices. We can prepare for most life events. As we engage in the preparations, we become more confident with the success of the end result. Proverbs 16 is filled with principles that says man can make the best of plans, but every step is from the Lord. Even if our… Continue reading Preparing for the End

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Faith Community

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday, as we connect the concept of community with faith. Community plays an important role in Scripture. Three examples come to mind. First, millions of people traveled from Egypt through the wilderness to the promised land. Second, believers are encouraged to meet together for worship (Hebrews 10:25). Third, people from every… Continue reading Faith Community