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Bridges of Dreams

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! We are in a series of bridges and how they connect to a pursuit of excellence. Thank you for joining!

Source: Personal – Valley Railroad Stone Bridge

The bridge featured this week is the Valley Railroad Stone Bridge in Augusta County, Virginia. The bridge was built in 1884 during a time of financial hardship and is no longer in use. I have to admit that I chose this bridge simply for the beauty. I adore stone masonry, and the spring blooms are a welcome bonus.

Our Connections2Excellence this week is that though this bridge’s purpose and use were limited, its historicity continues. Engineers, builders, and masons of the day persevered with excellence to meet the needs of the people, and we benefit from their labor over 100 years later.

Sometimes our plans and dreams may not come to fruition. Yet, they may still become a thing of beauty for many to enjoy. Do you have a dream that may have been put aside? Whether or not it is fulfilled, it can become a thing of beauty.

For example, at one time, you may have had a dream. However, due to circumstances beyond your control, the dream may no longer be a possibility. At a point in time, you may have shared the dream with another. Your dream could become another’s dream–and eventually fulfilled.

Don’t give up on your dreams. Even if you are no longer able to fulfill it, you may have been an inspiration to someone who can. You may never know the influence you have on someone else. Another person may desire to fulfill your dream in your stead. Which means … your dream becomes reality.

Our Connections Challenge: Do you have a dream yet to be fulfilled? If you are no longer to fulfill the dream, share it with someone. The influence you make on another may become that reality. Be an inspiration!

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