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A Firm Foundation

Welcome to Faith Connection Friday! We are in a series discussing bridges, and Faith Connection Friday connects to our faith. Thank you for joining us!

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This week we examined the support that is necessary for a bridge to fulfill its purpose. The support comes from s solid and sure foundation that provides security and safety for that which is built upon it. When we consider the foundation of a bridge, we may think of s slab of concrete or a mixture of wood, steel, or iron.

If we connect these ideas of a foundation and support to faith, what comes to mind? Briefly, our support system consists of the people that surround us—family, friends, clergy, coworkers, and peers. It is vitally important to have those around us who share our faith. Two is definitely better than one. Together, we are able to build up and edify one another by our faith connection.

In order to have the best support system, identifying our foundation is essential. Many may use money, possessions, fame, popularity, image, or status as bases for their security. However, those things do not last and will fade away. They can be taken away in a moment, without warning. They are not secure. As a result, many may lose hope unless they rest on a secure foundation.

In Scripture, Psalm 18 describes Christ as our strength, rock, fortress, deliverer, shield, horn of our salvation, stronghold, and our support. He is our firm foundation, our security, and our safety (1 Corinthians 3:10-11). And this security cannot be taken away, it is eternal, sure, and solid.

Our Faith Connection challenge: Read Psalm 18, and examine your foundation and what you identify as solid and secure. Perform a search for other verses that discuss our foundation, our hope. What did you discover, and upon what do you stand? Upon what do you base your faith?

Dear Lord, thank You for being our Rock, our sure and solid foundation upon which we can stand secure. May I rest my hope fully upon You. Thank You, in Your holy name, Amen.

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