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Bridge Support

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Though I am not even close to being an engineer, I find it a bit fun and challenging trying to connect ordinary things to everyday life. My novice mind tries to wrap around concepts I do not understand and connect to something that is hopefully meaningful and applicable to life.

For example, I know there is a tremendous amount of planning when it comes to building a bridge. Many are responsible for choosing the foundation, design, supplies, tools, and expert designers and builders.

A sure foundation is to be selected for security and safety of the bridge and transportation of those that use the bridge. it is imperative that the foundation is sturdy, strong, and dependable–stone, concrete, iron, steel, concrete, or a mixture. It has to be designed for the best support for that which it carries–people, cars, trains, cargo, or multiple uses.

Naturally, as I think about bridges, I see many forms everywhere. One consistent feature catches my attention. There is a primary point A and a primary point B. These two points have the role of supporting the larger structure, and the larger piece connects the two primary points. Sometimes, depending on the larger piece, extra support may be necessary at midpoints. The support provides the strength to fulfill the purpose. How do the points and the structure connect to excellence?

What are your point A and point B? What holds you up—your support? Our support that provides strength may include family members, friends, clergy, or coworkers. Some may also find support from fraternal or networking organizations.

Basically, we need each other to get from one point to another. We cannot live in isolation. No matter how introverted, we need people around us. In work relationships, we have managers and coworkers to build and edify us and make us better, and we are also there to build and edify others so they can be better. We are made to need each other. Two are better than one. If one is down, another is there to pick up the other.

Support is not just for us. It is also the support we provide to others. It is not what we can get but what we can give. As a result, it makes us stronger. The more support we give, the more satisfaction we receive. That is our connection to excellence.

Our Connections Challenge: Find an area in which you can give support to another. Next, be bold to ask to receive support. Notice the freedom and strength gained. Express your appreciation to those who support you.

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