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How Do You Prepare for Easter?

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How do you prepare for Easter? Do you have any special traditions to get ready for the day? Thousands of years ago, a multitude of families diligently prepared for an upcoming celebration, complete with special feasts and activities. The tradition of the Seder service continues to the present day.

Holy Week is the week prior to Easter, and several significant events took place during this week. Today, many around the world celebrate with choral and dramatic presentations to re-enact what occurred so long ago. Join me as we briefly look and reflect upon a few.

The beginning of Holy Week is Palm Sunday. It celebrates the day Jesus entered Jerusalem on a colt and was greeted by the people with blessing. They heard He was on His way and welcomed Him by spreading their cloaks in His path and waving palm branches before Him. There was a celebration of victory and rejoicing—preparing the way for the Lord.

Another event is Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter Sunday. On this day, Jesus and His disciples partook of their last meal together, the Last Supper. The same evening, Jesus performed the ordinance of foot washing. This act is a remembrance of Jesus’ example of humility and servanthood, a reminder that Jesus came to serve. It prepares us for the role of our calling—that of a humble servant.

In John 18, we have a record of the prayer Jesus deeply prayed the night He was betrayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. His prayer was so intense that He sweat drops of blood. Wow! Interestingly, the Easter lily is a symbol of His prayer, which displays His loving and passionate heart for us. It was a time in which He was preparing Himself for what was ahead.

There was much activity during this week! A week of intense conviction and desperation. A week of celebration, humility and servanthood, and deep prayer.

Our Connections Challenge: So, as you reflect on the week’s events, how do you prepare for Easter? How will you prepare this Easter? Consider attending a service honoring this season. Look for an opportunity to humbly serve another. Take some time to pray for the people around you. Prepare and receive the blessings!

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