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Good Friday Reflections

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! I am so glad you joined us on this special Good Friday.

Image: ChurchArt

The connection of the fulfillment of the Old Testament feasts and festivals to the crucifixion and resurrection has always intrigued me. At the Passover, the blood of a perfect lamb covered the doorposts of the dwellings of the people while the death angel passed through Egypt. Those covered with blood were saved. At the crucifixion (which fell perfectly on Passover), Jesus was the perfect sacrificial lamb that shed His blood for us. If we believe in Him, we are covered by His blood and saved.

There is so much written in Scripture about this weekend. People praised Jesus early in the week as He entered Jerusalem. On Good Friday, He endured such pain and suffering we are unable to comprehend. Before Christ died on the cross, God the Father turned His face from His Son because the weight of our sin was upon Him. Something else we find difficult to comprehend.

Good Friday is a dark day, and it is a day we can reflect upon what Jesus did for us and why. It is a day of victory because He paid the ultimate price for us—all for love. Philippians 2:3-11 says that Jesus Christ was humbly obedient to the point of death on the cross. And He went to the cross willingly out of love for us.

One of the songs that beautifully expresses the reason for the cross and the blood that Jesus shed is O the Blood by Kari Jobe. I hope you take a moment to reflect.

Lord, this day is a time of remembrance and great thanksgiving for what You did on the cross. May this Easter be one that transforms lives for Your glory. In Your precious name, Amen.

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