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A Perspective on Change

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Change. It is scary to some and exciting to others. Many people do not like change. Some thrive with change, and some have learned to live with change. Changes are inevitable–they are expected. Things in life simply do not stay as we may like forever. Changes can be positive and negative. Some changes are planned, and some are unplanned.

Recently, my family has experienced many changes. New places to live and explore. New jobs to learn. New faces and names to remember. New relationships and friendships to develop. Yes, lots of changes. Scary and exciting.

The key to change may be perspective. If we make the choice to look at change as positive, we could avoid misery, selfishness, and missed blessings.

Remember, it takes time to adjust to new surroundings. Here are a couple of tips that may help.

Explore your new community. I love visiting new places. It’s an escape and an opportunity to learn. Before you visit, find out as much as you can about the area. Search the Internet for places to explore. There are so many interesting places, and you may be surprised what is around the corner.

Connecting names to faces takes a while. When you first meet someone, identify a special feature or personality trait to help you remember. Each time you see them, repeat their name. It will increase your memory and make them feel special. A positive relationship begins to build.

Our Connections Challenge: Identify some changes you have encountered this week. How did you react? If you responded negatively, how could you change your perspective? Bonus challenge: Identify someone around you who has recently experienced change. Find a way to help them adapt. You may develop a new and lasting friendship.

Changes can be good and filled with blessings beyond your expectations.

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