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Extreme Passion

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday!

Image: ChurchArt

There are many instances in Scripture in which Jesus and other biblical persons demonstrated zeal. They were strongly enthusiastic, fervent, and passionate.

Moses zealously interceded for the people after they left Egypt and did not follow God’s commands. The prophets exercised passion for the people to follow God’s ways. Jesus was zealous for His house to be a house of prayer and not to be misused. The disciples and apostles zealously encouraged the people to follow Christ (even one of the disciples was Simon the Zealot.)

Scripture encourages us to be zealous for the Lord (Romans 10:2). To have passion for the Word of God. To be holy. To make Christ our focus. To revere the precepts of the Lord (Psalm 119).

These examples, of course, beg the questions: About what am I passionate? For what am I zealous? Are we zealous for the right things–those things that accurately align with Scripture? May we consider aligning our heart with His and becoming passionate about what He is passionate. What is God’s desire for us? He wants His people to love and serve Him with their whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Our Faith Connections Challenge: Ask the questions listed above. Examine your heart to determine if your heart aligns with God’s heart. Read the Scriptures noted for guidance.

Lord, please help me to be more aligned to Your heart and will so I may best serve You with my entire being. In Your precious name. Amen.

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