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Find Your Passion

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Sporting events can be quite an experience. Many express passion for their team by their appearance and by their actions. Sounds of cheers or disappointments permeate the stadiums and beyond.

The arts can be quite an experience. Many admire a special exhibit or share a musical event. The love of beauty produces delight in the hearts of the guests.

The vocation we choose may produce zeal within us. A commitment to personal learning. A dedication to help others reach their full potential. A passion to motivate employees through mentoring, training, or providing incentives.

It is likely we have something within us for which we are zealous. Enthusiasm for politics and football. Passion for health and family issues. Fervency for beliefs and values.

There is a sense of purpose when we identify things for which we are zealous. Whether recreational, vocational, or personal, we fervently pour our hearts into an activity or cause. Our drive and motivation push us. As we press toward the goal, we have a sense of accomplishment once a step has been achieved. Our love inspires us. As we view the beauty around us, we are left full.

Our Connections Challenge: Identify at least one thing for which you are zealous. In what ways are you driven to achieve the goal or enjoy the beauty? Identify possible obstacles, and develop best steps to remove them. Identify people you may be able to help reach their goals and encourage them as they are zealous. Press on!

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