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The Beauty of Vision

As I gaze at the wonder of the mountains, I am awed by the vastness of their beauty. They display a majesty many call a vision. We tour the countryside and sites that many call home simply because they wish to live amongst nature’s beauty. I eagerly await the privilege of beholding the grandeur of the coming seasons.

The vastness and beauty of the mountains allow us to see that there is something broader. There is a vision ahead we have yet to see. So, are there actions we need to identify and perform in order to see that vision?

Vision. It can be defined as an objective, an aim, or a goal. It can also be a plan or a mission.

Do you have a vision? Is there something you desire to accomplish? What drives or motivates you to reach that result? There is a vast number of resources available to lead you to develop your vision.

Our Connections Challenge for the week: Visit your local library or perform an Internet search on how to identify your vision. Take some time and enjoy this project. After you discover your vision, take action steps to reach the goal!

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