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Unfailing Faithfulness

Thank you so very much for joining me for today’s Faith Connection Friday!! Have you ever experienced a situation in which you just did not know if it would work out? Each day seems like eternity, and we become impatient. Or we may not know if a situation would ever end. Will there ever come relief?

Recently, I have been challenged with an aspect of God that is basic to some but hard for me to grasp, it seems. He never fails–He is faithful. How many times I have wondered if He will come through, if I understand His Word and His promises correctly. Yet, I read His holy Word and am reminded that He will. He is faithful. There have been periods in which I did not know if an answer would come. Yet, even at the last moment, it does. These moments are times in which God, once again, has proven that He is in control and has everything perfectly timed. The song, “Do It Again,” by Elevation Worship is one that reminds me that He will keep His promises and will not fail. Why? Because I am His child, in His hands, and I trust Him. He is ever so faithful.

This is part of God’s uniqueness. Others may fail us–God will not. We are not in control–He is. We may be unfaithful–He will remain faithful. This is what makes Him special, unique, precious.

Our Faith Connection Challenge: Is there an area in which you may be unsure if it will work out? The Holy Bible is full of Scripture verses that prove God is faithful. Perform a word search of “faithful” or “faithfulness,” and read and reflect on the results. Be encouraged that our God is faithful, trustworthy, unfailing.

Lord, thank You that You never fail. Though it takes me a while to grasp that You have everything perfectly aligned to Your will, I thank You for being patient with me. In Your precious and holy name I pray. Amen.

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