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Connections of 2019

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Welcome to Connections2Excellence! As we close 2019, I reviewed the year’s posts and discovered the ones most read by you. I was so encouraged by the stats. The most-read posts were personal, and the connections focused on family and God. The entries highlighted gratitude, blessings, boldness, character, and just seeing God in everyday life. Thank you for your encouragement, support, and sweet comments!

The tagline for Connections2Excellence is “connecting life to a pursuit of excellence.” Hopefully, this year’s posts have connected in some way to your everyday life. It is a joy and a refreshing challenge taking common things in life and connecting them to excellence and to God. (Though I am not at all close to my husband’s creativity and expertise of connecting news and world events to faith—muddyshoes.org.) As a minister’s wife, mom, and full-time career woman, the amount of adversities we face daily is staggering. The purpose of Connections2Excellence is to help make life a little more positive and excellent and then connect it to our faith.

What does this mean for 2020? As an introvert, it is a challenge sharing personal tidbits. This year, I will strive to be more real so our connections are more transparent. Being new to the blogging community, I am slowly learning how to relate as a writer to my readers. This coming year is one in which I anticipate personal growth through continuous learning and development.

Thank you for letting me share, and please let me know if there are any topics you would like for me to discuss in 2020.

Our Connections Challenge: How have you connected to excellence in 2019? Review some posts on Connections2Excellence.com. Discover an amazing writer at muddyshoes.org.

1 thought on “Connections of 2019”

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading these posts all year long. I think the personal posts touched some of us, because what you wrote about was part of us, as well. Your sharing has been so welcome, and it helps us to know you. Thank you for everything you’ve shared, and I look forward to your 2020 posts!

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