Character, Discipline, Excellence

So You Wanna Be Royal?

I admit it. I love watching chick flicks. Among my favorites are “Ever After” and the “Princess Diaries” series. Today we see children (and adults) fascinated about what it is like to be royalty. An ordinary person, or presumed ordinary, becomes royal. So, what does this mean?

Aside from the elegant image one upholds, one endures months of focused, dedicated training. Each person of royalty learns how to sit, stand, walk, eat, and speak. They endure intense etiquette classes and learn multiple languages. They become tradition and culture specialists. In essence, they exemplify excellence in everything they do, especially when appearing in public.

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Royals go to great lengths to sustain an image of excellence. Their focus is serving the people. Their lives display a focus on character, integrity, and service. Elegance coupled with courtesy, kindness, confidence, and gentleness. Does anyone come to mind? (I think of Julie Andrews and Audrey Hepburn.) Does anyone within your circle of influence come to mind?

These are high standards for anyone. What about you? Whether or not you are royalty by blood, you can focus on learning new things, performing acts of service, and radiating a character of elegance–just being classy!

Image: WordPress

Our Connections Challenge: What characteristics draw you to royalty? What can you do to adapt at least one in your life? Be someone who exemplifies excellence.

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