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People of Influence

One feature social media includes is the Influencers, the people others find intriguing—leaders, authors, and industry professionals. When viewing profiles of people I find inspiring, this is an area I review so I could also follow recommended top leaders.

We all have people who have influenced us in some way. From childhood to adulthood, people come to mind that have impacted us positively or negatively. They coach us, provide encouragement, and train us for success. Some memories of our influencers are quite pleasant, and some are not so pleasant. Personally, even with the challenges, I am thankful for the managers that pressed me so I could excel.

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I am grateful for my high school teachers, Ms. Minter and Ms. Armstrong, and for my college teachers. They greatly impacted my professional development and encouraged me to pursue excellence in whatever profession I chose. They have instilled focused discipline to not give up so I could be the best I could be.

In my first legal job, Ann was an amazing mentor. She patiently taught me everything about being a top-notch paralegal. Her teaching expanded my knowledge of and interest in the legal profession.

The managers I have been privileged to serve taught me the importance of building relationships and seeking learning opportunities. They provided projects that helped me understand the industry, increase value to the organization, and grow professionally.

People of influence have blessed me with education and experience. Their encouragement to learn, develop, and excel have impacted me greatly.

Our Connections Challenge: Who are the people that have influenced you? What have you learned, and how have you grown from their encouragement and teaching? Who are you influencing? Be the encourager. Be the coach. Be blessed!

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