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Yearning for the Day

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Image: ChurchArt

Days of celebrations are surrounded by great anticipation. The preparations. The festivities. The gifts.

Initially, much anticipation goes into preparing for the event. Time. Chores. Guest lists. Food. Displays. Cooking. Choosing the right gifts. The preparations.

Gifts may be a major part of the celebration–the giving of gifts and the receiving of gifts. Specific items may be customarily exchanged during these celebrations. Whatever the tradition, it is an exciting time many eagerly await. The anticipation.

We may immediately think of the faces of children that light up when they know they are about to receive a special something. Adults explain the upcoming celebration to increase the excitement. Traditions are taught. Stories are shared. Then the day arrives!

The element of surprise when a card or trinket has been placed in a special place. There is great delight when one gives a gift, and there is great delight when one receives a gift. The joy of sharing the celebration with family and friends.

Our Connections Challenge: What special days are quickly approaching? How do you prepare? Identify ways to create excitement for the celebration. When the day or event form which you yearn arrives, take time to reflect–and enjoy!!

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