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Two Are Better Than One

As a child, every Saturday morning was full of watching cartoons. One of my favorites was Popeye. After gaining strength by eating a can of spinach, he could lift heavy weights without effort and solve any problem that came his way.


When we explore job opportunities, one topic may be identifying our strengths. Some businesses offer personality tests to determine where one may excel in a role. Or we may take these tests on our own to learn more about ourselves.

A wise person wrote that two are better than one, meaning there is more strength when we have someone with us. We can receive strength from a family member, friend, manager, coworker, mentor, or clergy. Such person provides strength through their encouragement, advice, and insight.

Source: WordPress

Our Connections Challenge: From whom do you receive strength, and how do they help you? To whom do you provide strength and how? Look for ways to be a source of strength to others. Be a helping hand or a friend to someone who needs a listening ear.

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