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Confessions of an Amateur Painter

I am definitely not a painter. My idea of painting something somewhat similar to the desired image is using a beginner’s paint-by-number kit. However, during a team-building activity, our department decided to paint our own masterpiece—freehand. Great. Surprisingly, after this activity, I was quite pleased with the result. Why? Our artist instructor was sensitive to the less artistic in the group and gave us step-by-step instructions. Whew! Today my artwork is on display at home—and I now share it with the world. Yay.

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What are some Connections2Excellence? We may think we are not creative or artistic enough to produce something we could treasure or even display. Sometimes a master teacher comes along and gives us a little help. The result can be surprising.

Our Connections Challenge: Plan a date with some friends, and give something artsy a try—maybe painting. You could find a new passion and enjoy something new. Have fun—enjoy!

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