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Importance of Community

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! Thank you for connecting with us! This week our focus is on community.

Our small town is very focused on community. Everybody seems to know everybody. Yet, no matter where one lives, there are places one can go to connect.

Natural places to connect are the home, church, and the job. Other places in which we are more intentional to connect are the coffee shop, shopping mall, or the library. Fraternal organizations and auxiliaries offer occasions to meet to learn ways to serve the community, socialize, and develop relationships. Some cities offer volunteer opportunities to serve at a shelter or food bank. Meals on Wheels serves hot meals to shut-ins, and Habitat for Humanity builds homes for families. Facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, and funeral homes appreciate volunteers to visit with patients and families during a season of crisis. Some schools arrange for visitors to eat lunch with students.

The purpose of connecting is building relationships. Why? Because we are made to need one another. We long for connection with another person. Even if we find it challenging, we can find something within another person to make a connection. We all possess an unique giftedness in which we can help another person just by providing a listening ear or giving wisdom to patiently endure a rough season. Connections lead to community.

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Our Connections Challenge: Look for ways this week to connect with another person. Meet at a local establishment. Be the listening ear or tender encourager.

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