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What’s Your Story?

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One of the things I most enjoy is hearing life stories. Stories of someone’s parents and their families. Stories surrounding where they were born and where they lived. Stories about their own families and how they met the love of their life. And stories they seem most excited to share—their children and grandchildren.

Everyone has a history that is so significant. The facts and stories surrounding our lives are joyful and sorrowful. They consist of sweet times and bitter times. Yet, they are meant to be shared. Why? So we know from where we come–and it gives an opportunity to determine where we go.

Easter is a season in which many may choose to participate in a special service in which many stories are shared–the Seder service. I have had the privilege of enjoying this event only once, and it was an amazing experience.

What is unique about this service is that everyone has a part. From the young children to the grandparents. There is a variety of foods, each with a special meaning. Some foods are bitter, and some foods are sweet. The combination of these elements–the individuals and the foods–tells the stories. They tell from where we have come and to where we go. The children ask questions at designated times within the service, and the parents or grandparents answer.

It is a reminder that each of us will experience sweet times and bitter times. We already have backgrounds filled with joys and sorrows. Each of us has come from a significant place and are going to a significant place. Every event is important, and we can be thankful for each one because it makes us who we are. Though some times may have been rough and difficult, we can still grow. We can reflect and look for the blessings.

Our Connections Challenge: What is your story? What will you share with your family, your children, your grandchildren? If you have not experienced a Seder service, I encourage you to find a church or community center that has one scheduled–it may become a new Easter tradition.

Thank you so much for sharing and being a blessing!

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