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The Power of Influence

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An interesting thing about influence: Sometimes you may not realize you are making an impact on someone until some time, even years, later.

Recently, I heard a story of someone who thought he blew it with a team. Years later, a member of that team changed his life because of this one person. The result: His life made a lasting impact. There is a recorded story of a queen who influenced the lives of her people by risking her life for them. The result: They were saved. She made a lasting impact.

Whatever your daily routine, wherever you go, whomever you encounter, you will make an impact. And others have made an impact on you. This is challenging as we go through our daily lives.

Our Connections Challenge: What lasting impact can you make on someone? It could be paying for a meal, buying a coffee for the person next in line at the drive-thru, or sending an anonymous thank you because you saw them do a random act of kindness.

Be sincere. The motivation is not for recognition. It may be years later, or you may never know—the purpose is to influence others for good. Be grateful. If someone impacted you, thankfulness for the person’s influence could make a lasting impact on you.

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