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Colors of the Cross

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! Celebrate Easter with me as we imagine what may have been going through the disciples’ minds. Everything seems to be going smoothly. We followed Jesus for three years. We walked with Jesus as He entered Jerusalem on a donkey, and He was praised and honored with palm branches. All was… Continue reading Colors of the Cross

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Direct My Steps

This week I couldn’t decide which character from the Easter story to highlight, so I chose two. These individuals are key, as they worked behind the scenes for important events. Jesus’ crucifixion took place during the Passover celebration. The Last Supper Jesus had with His disciples took place in a large upper room. The Scripture… Continue reading Direct My Steps

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Thank You

During our current global crisis, we see those who are normally in the background now brought to the forefront. The providers in healthcare, emergency services, food services, retail, education, transportation, and clergy. In everyday life, they are content with staying behind the scenes. Now their responsibilities and the critical services they provide are clearly visible.… Continue reading Thank You

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Entrusting our Beloved

Our world is going through a time that no one else alive on this earth has ever experienced. We have multiple opportunities to form relationships that can grow deeper with time. It is a season in which we may entrust a loved one or friend into the care of another, and we would expect them… Continue reading Entrusting our Beloved

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Valued Character

Jason has been with the organization less than three years and continually proves to be an asset. A highly-sensitive project is assigned to Harold, and Jason is the first person he considers to help gather the information. Harold knows Jason will complete the work timely and with accuracy. Trustworthy. Integrity. Loyalty. Respect. These characteristics are… Continue reading Valued Character

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Changed at the Cross

He had been in the position for years. The brutality. The killing. Over time, it was necessary that he develop a cold, calloused heart. Privately, he relived the nightmare experiences. Witnessing the deaths of criminals of the day—their attitudes, their hatred, their lack of remorse--and some repented, some begged for life, some wept for their… Continue reading Changed at the Cross

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Impactful Perspective

Stephanie was determined to rise to the top. From an early age, she made it her ambition to be the best. She studied and worked hard, and she expected her staff to do the same. She lacked compassion when a staff member had personal challenges and felt no remorse when she let them go because… Continue reading Impactful Perspective

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Blessings of Forgiveness

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! For the next several weeks until Easter, we are highlighting a character from the Easter story and connecting them to our life. Before Jesus was arrested, he was betrayed by two of His disciples, ones who had followed Him for three years listening to His teaching and watching the way… Continue reading Blessings of Forgiveness

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Responding to Betrayal

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! For the next several weeks, we are choosing a character from the Easter story and connecting them to our life. On Faith Connections Friday, we highlight the biblical character. Enjoy! Luke did an amazing job at his company. He was a dedicated worker and took initiative on projects. Shortly after his contributions… Continue reading Responding to Betrayal

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How Do You Worship?

Welcome to Faith Connections Friday! It is a joy having you today! For the next several weeks until Easter, we will identify a biblical character from the Easter story and connect them to our life’s pursuit of excellence. Two events leading to the Easter story involves Mary of Bethany. We witness one of the most… Continue reading How Do You Worship?