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Thankful for …

Welcome to Connections2Excellence! May you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

Thanksgiving. It is a time of reflecting and counting undeserved blessings. Here are just a few of the things for which I am truly thankful.

T … turkey, teachers, time, transportation, and tender moments

H … my husband, home, holidays, help, healthcare, hurts, hardships, and hope

A … afternoon naps and another piece of pumpkin pie

N … neighbors who care, thoughtful notes, and nature walks

K … kittens and kindness

F … family, faith, friends, fun, and forgiveness

U … unexpected gifts, unexpected tragedies, and the unconditional love of my Savior

L … laughter, learning, life, and the Lord Jesus Christ

In all things, we can give thanks.

Our Connections Challenge: What would you put on your list?

1 thought on “Thankful for …”

  1. I am thankful that your beautifully written acrostic poem includes moments that are not natural to appreciate. I don’t feel quite so appreciative in the moment but afterwards when I noticed God’s hand was on me the whole time as welll as the spiritual growth produced, the friends and family surrounding me, I can be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving Lisa to you and Todd!


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