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Victory Gates

There are gates all over the world with special meaning. Each is carefully designed and built for a significant purpose. And they are reminders of important events for the people.

Image: Rua Augusta Arch, Portugal,

We find gates denoting entrance to a city. We discover gates entering a holy place. We seek gates declaring one’s victory.

Today, we focus on gates symbolizing victory. Those gates signifying winning a battle.

Image: Arch of Constantine, Rome,

Though we may not build an actual gate to signify personal victories, what monument or marker could you use as a reminder of victory?

A rock as a reminder of victoriously climbing a mountain while facing the fear of heights. A diploma proudly displayed symbolizing the victory that you finally got the degree. A medal of perseverance and victory for completing the race after months of hard training. Or maybe it’s a ribbon or cap signifying the report that the cancer is gone.

Image: Arc de Triomphe, Paris,

Our Connections Challenge: There are many victories in our lives we can identify. One or more of the examples may be yours. Take some time and think of the victories you have won. What symbol would you choose as a meaningful reminder of the victory?

Image: WordPress

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