Boldness, Discipline, Excellence, security

Who Do You Trust?

When it comes to entertainment, the world has an incorrect view of cherubim. They are not the cute, chubby baby Cupids. They are actually mighty warriors and guardians.


Gatekeepers have an important role as guardians of the gate. To get to the other side, you have to go through the gatekeeper. Who would you consider gatekeepers in business—the mighty warriors? The receptionist may be your first point of contact and determines whether or not you make it to the executive suite. The IT team consists of guardians of the systems. They work night and day ensuring company data is protected and business systems run smoothly. One of the last gatekeepers you have to win is the executive assistant—the manager’s gatekeeper.

What are the qualities of a gatekeeper? The guardian is not always nice and sweet, though you may think so on the exterior. When pushed, they demonstrate assertiveness, wisdom, and confidence with class.


One can abuse this role by a lack of focus or letting the “guard” down, which jeopardizes security and time. For example, a crossing guard must be on alert so trespassers do not pass. An security guard must carefully analyze passenger credentials before they are allowed to board transportation. The park attendant must check visitors to ensure safety and cleanliness of our natural resources are preserved.

Our Connections Challenge: Notice the gatekeepers—our mighty warriors—throughout your day, and express your thanks for their alertness and care for those they guard. Extend courtesy because without them, you may not be able to get to the other side.

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