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Faithfulness of Cats and Dogs

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Confession time. I love cats. Please don’t stop reading–I promise I’m trying to make a point. Yes, I think they are the cutest. They are adorable, independent, and finicky. They fight like little ninja kitties and do their little jump hop dance when you scare them. They play with moving lights, paper, or whatever they find amusing. They eat when they are ready and only what they want. When you come home, they run away or stay in your favorite spot until they are ready to move or let you hold them. They refuse to go outside to do their business because they require a special privy room. And they stay with you until something else catches their attention, and then they leave. Unsurprisingly, growing up, we had many cats—just one or two at a time. Cats are what I would characterize as not faithful.

Another confession. I haven’t quite decided about dogs. I don’t like or dislike them—I just haven’t had much interaction with them. When my sister and I were toddlers, my parents surprised us with a dog. Our first introduction was a friendly dog greeting us and wanting to play. He jumped up on us, we fell down, and it scared us to death! For fear, we wouldn’t go outside. Sadly, after a few days, poor little doggie was returned.

Dog owners are quick to share that their little puppy dogs are wonderful companions. They anxiously await your return home from a long day and are overjoyed when you walk through the door. They stay by your side at the dinner table or in front of the TV. They gladly take the passenger seat when you want to go for a drive or race you to the door as you say, “Let’s take a walk.” They even sense when their owners are not feeling well and will stay faithfully by their side. Dogs are what I would characterize as faithful.

How does the faithfulness of cats and dogs connect to excellence?

Let’s first consider the definition of faithfulness from our examples so far. (We’ll focus on dogs for this portion.) We’ve discovered unconditional love, loyalty, and patience. When we mess up, we get a second chance, a third chance, … and so many more. It’s not about what is taken but what is given. It is the purest desire and delight to be with someone. The consistent trustworthiness of another that they will be there and waiting for you.

Faithfulness–this is a tough one. There is so much unfaithfulness today–in our families, in our vocations, and in our businesses. This is where you can make a difference. We practice faithfulness when we are present and take time to develop relationships. We practice faithfulness when we show and prove we are trustworthy. We practice faithfulness when we forgive and coach others to flourish, thrive, excel. We practice faithfulness when we give of ourselves and not expect anything in return.

Our Connections Challenge: Do I exhibit more characteristics of a cat or a dog? What steps can I take to exercise more faithfulness in my life? Find a way to demonstrate faithfulness this week by an example given or one of your own.

Oh, dear, I may have to think about a canine companion.

Source: WordPress

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